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Street Cleaning

Street Cleaning Services

The Dunbar Village Business Association partners with Mission Possible and United We Can to provide street cleaning. These partnerships make a positive impact by creating inclusive job opportunities for people in our community. Different teams work throughout the month to keep our streets clean and free of litter, small debris and needles.

Email the Dunbar Village Business Association at to report litter and/or needles on public property and sidewalks.

keeps business entrances and sidewalks clean and clear

our partners have pre-planned routes through all three areas of Dunbar Village to maximize cleaning resources

reinforces a positive public perception of the Dunbar Village neighbourhood

Van Connect App

Another tool to report debris and garbage on public property is the City of Vancouver’s VanConnect App. Using this App is very efficient and eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls. You can take a picture of the problem, pinpoint on a map where the issue is and also follow the progress of your request on the App.

Submit service requests anywhere, any time!

Download the 3-1-1 VanConnect App at to report:

• debris on public property
• graffiti on public property (street poles, bus stops, sidewalks) etc.
• maintenance and unsafe public infrastructure (missing sewer covers, broken street lights, damaged signs and sidewalks, etc.)