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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti and tagging has been an ongoing challenge for many of our members in Dunbar Village. In addition to the property damage, property owners are also at risk of receiving a bill for removing the graffiti from the City in addition to a fine under the graffiti by-law.

As a result of working with the City, the BIAs in Vancouver have received a Graffiti Grant in order to assist our members with graffiti and tagging removal.

In order to proceed with any graffiti removal on your building or window, the DVBA requires written permission from an authorized representative of your property. If you are not the property owner, please contact them to ensure you have authorization before you send us permission as an authorized representative. Alternatively, the property manager can provide their permission to the DVBA of course.

Please scan a signed letter to outlining your address, your name and position in the business (whether you are the owner or the authorized representative) and a sentence or two granting permission to the DVBA to make arrangements to address the graffiti on your property.

The DVBA will also work with the city to receive free paint from Dulux when appropriate. Property owners and tenants are eligible to receive two gallons of free paint to remove graffiti two times in a calendar year.

If you have the brand name and swatch number of your exterior paint, please provide this to the DVBA in your letter to ensure the best possible result.